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His work

To date, I was able to track down 230 paintings. I took photos of them myself or was sent photos by email. As I mentioned earlier some scenes were painted more than once. Gortershoek and Klauwershoek are examples. As it is impossible to show all paintings on this website, I have made a selection.

Each period consists of a decade and all paintings from that decade can been seen. I have added extra information where necessary. This information is in Dutch because these links refer to the Dutch pages of this website.

At a certain stage my grandfather had so much work he was unable to meet the demand. During that time, some paintings by my father were sold in the shop. My father learned how to paint from my grandfather, which is why one can conclude that their work is similar in style.

My father's paintings have been signed by him: Hugo Clijnk PZN (PietersZoon = son of Pieter).

I was able to track down a watercolour painted by my father Hugo Clijnk.

Brug over Weelsloot Westzaan 1955
Brug over de Weelsloot in Westzaan - 1955