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A few months into my search, when I had traced 35 paintings, my mother contacted the local newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad to inform them of my search. They were interested in the story and contacted me. My father and I were interviewed by reporter José Pietens, who wrote a lovely article on my story. This was published on September 13th 2012. This article led to spectacular results. Many people contacted me by phone and e-mail and in this way I was able to track down more than 100 paintings. Link: newspaper article 

A short while after this interview I was interviewed by Bart Breukel for the radio programme De Rijdende Reporter, Radio Noordholland. This interview resulted in finding more of my grandfather’s work. This interview was broadcasted on Tuesday September 18th 2012 in Arjan Burggraaf’s programme in the part after 11.00 am, at 11.40 hrs.
Link: De Rijdende Reporter September 8th 2012

Round the launching of the project to extend the Wilhelmina Lock in Zaandam, an exhibition was organized. The exhibition, which showed illustrations about the history of the old lock contained two of my grandfather’s paintings. RTV (Television) Noordholland gave attention to this exhibition in their news programme. Information (in Dutch) about the exhibition can been found under the link: exhibition Wilhelmina Lock
The news item (in Dutch) can be seen via: news item about the exhibition

Reporter José Pietens from Noordhollands Dagblad was interested in writing a sequel story about the result of the first interview and the launch of the website. This interview was published on February 1st 2013: link: newspaper article

Zaanstreek op Zondag (a free weekly newspaper) gave attention to my search on Sunday February 17th 2013. The article can be read (in Dutch) under the link: newspaper article